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Feb 10

Beach Steps Pee With Rebekah Dee

The lovely Rebekah Dee is Pissing outdoors again this time she is pissing all over the path. The story to this Needapee movie is this “Those of you who have followed my pee
Adventures will be well aware of the fact that hard physical exercise sends my lymphatic system into overdrive. So you’re in for a treat here because I’m ascending the tallest and steepest beach steps I’ve ever had to climb. Once at the top – hot and exhausted, all appears to be clear so I chance upon the opportunity – peeing a hot green stream of pee down the very steps I’ve just climbed!” one very hot Needapee movie

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Jan 10

Needapee Rebekah Dee Chair Wetting In The Sun

A new Needapee movie this time, it’s a warm summer’s evening and I’m basking in the golden glow of the setting sun. I’m so chilled and relaxed and to be honest I’d rather enjoy the warm sensation of my panties filling up with warm soothing pee, than get up from my chair. A real treat for those who enjoy panty soaking!

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