Rebekah Dee

Oct 10

Rebekah Dee Pissing In The Swamp

Here we have the latest Needapee movie starring Rebekah Dee She is out in a swamp and desperate to pee. She looks around and there is no one watching. She takes off her panties and then releases her swollen bladder. On hot Needapee Movie

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Mar 10

Checkpoint Peeing With Rebekah Dee

Here we have the latest Needapee update. This Needapee movie is called Checkpoint pee and starts the lovely Rebekah Dee. This is what Rebekah Dee wrote about this new Needapee movie “Ok so it was not quite the check point you would have found in the old Eastern Block, this one wasn’t even manned but nonetheless a roadside check point it was! After trying the door I quickly realized my luck was out – no one was home to help save me from an embarrassing accident. So I took my chance, nervously pulling my panties around my knees so I could fire my pee and avoid soaking myself in the process!”

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Mar 10

Needapee Rebekah Dee Cash Machine Wetting

Lovely Rebekah Dee has a new Needapee movie out and this one is just great if you love outdoor public peeing well Needapee have done it again. This is a very exciting public wetting video which I know the panties soakers will like. I find myself fumbling at a cash machine trying to find my ATM card whilst wrapping my legs together in an attempt to prevent a torrent of pee escaping. My efforts are futile though and I soon find myself with an embarrassing situation to deal with. I make for a corner where I can remove my soaked panties and gush my torrent.

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Feb 10

Beach Steps Pee With Rebekah Dee

The lovely Rebekah Dee is Pissing outdoors again this time she is pissing all over the path. The story to this Needapee movie is this “Those of you who have followed my pee
Adventures will be well aware of the fact that hard physical exercise sends my lymphatic system into overdrive. So you’re in for a treat here because I’m ascending the tallest and steepest beach steps I’ve ever had to climb. Once at the top – hot and exhausted, all appears to be clear so I chance upon the opportunity – peeing a hot green stream of pee down the very steps I’ve just climbed!” one very hot Needapee movie

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Jan 10

Needapee Rebekah Dee Chair Wetting In The Sun

A new Needapee movie this time, it’s a warm summer’s evening and I’m basking in the golden glow of the setting sun. I’m so chilled and relaxed and to be honest I’d rather enjoy the warm sensation of my panties filling up with warm soothing pee, than get up from my chair. A real treat for those who enjoy panty soaking!

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Aug 09

Peeing In The Outdoors With Rebekah Dee

Here is the sexy Needapee Rebekah Dee outdoors in nature we know what she like to do in nature and this time it is no different, she is out in a public park and desperate to pee well what is a girl to do being the lovely Rebekah she sits in a seat lifts her skirt and releases her hot pee stream high into the air” A quick entry about this Needapee pissing movie from the site “As you most probably already know i have made my annual move to sunnier shores for the summer months. I journeyed by car and of course indulged in some naughty pee fun. This episode took place in the beautiful French countryside.”

Aug 09

Rebekah Dee Pissing On The Railway Tracks

Needapee has had some great daring pissing movies this is not as daring but still Rebekah is out on the railway tracks dropping her pants and pissing and we get such a great view of her bum and pussy as her golden liquid is released. She has even pissed on her pants over at Needapee this was written about this pissing on the railway tracks movie “Through my pee adventures I find myself in all sorts of weird and wonderful situations and locations. On this occasion I am in rural American when I happen across a railway line. The risk of a train approaching seems to only heighten my need to pee. Luckily for me this trainline wasn’t electric (!) and so I squat for a reverse angle pee of the tracks which I know so many of you just love to see!”

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Aug 09

Needapee Female Desperation In The Street

Here we have the lovely Rebekah Dee desperate to pee while out and about she really needs to pee and you can see the pure desperation on her face being Rebekah Dee from Needapee we know we are in for something special and then she find a secludes spot by some stairs drops her jeans and releases her hot pee flow and what a great stream she makes. Needapee has some great risky peeing movies. This was written by Rebekah Dee about this outdoor desperation piss “For my latest adventure I’m in a deceptively sleepy British seaside village. But although it may appear to be safe to pee, the small winding roads and alleys mean there’s always a chance of a car or person appearing which could be embarrassing should I be gushing a golden arch of pee! The risk only enthralls me though and I take a chance on some grassy steps. Look closely and you’ll see me slip mid-pee!”

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Aug 09

Needapee Pissing In The Sun

Needapee Rebekah Dee is getting some sun on her sun lounger she is topless and enjoying the rays she starts to needapee but thinks she can hold on and she does. she massages her pussy to keep her pee in but the pain gets to much so she moves her panties to the side and releases her piss spray such a lovely Needapee piss spray, Rebekah Dee wrote this about this Needapee movie “Once I’m comfortably settled in my sun lounger I don’t want to move. I like my drinks to be brought to me and I only get up if I REALLY have to. So when I wanted to pee it wasn’t just for pleasure that I took a pee exactly where I lay. Reclined in my lounger, I pull my panties to the side and create a pretty golden arch that glistens in the midday sun!”

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Aug 09

Needapee Pissing By The River

Rebekah Dee pissing at a wonderful tourist spot. This Needapee movie is just wonderful and to have such a great view and the lovely Rebekah Dee pissing too makes it spectacular she really does let out a wonderful pee stream. Over at Needapee this is what is written about this pissing at a tourist spot pissing “For my latest pee adventure I visit a scenic point of natural beauty with breath-taking views – so stunning I almost pee myself! Luckily this attraction was not too busy on the day I was there so I take my trousers down and hitch myself onto a wall and to form my own natural wonder – perhaps my farthest golden arch yet! It?”

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